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2022 U-PICK Apples

All u-pick is while supplies last. If you anticipate an inclement in weather please call or visit us on Facebook before you come.

Scheduled U-Pick  
We are picked out for the season. We have bagged apples available in the market. 

ripening schedule

Please note the following dates are an estimate, please check back for updates or give us a call.


Zestar:  August 13th

Gala: September 3rd

Golden Supreme: September 3rd

Honeycrisp: September 9th

Jonamac: September 17th 

Macoun: September 24th

Jonagold: September 24th 

Red Delicious: October 1st

Royal Empire: October 1st 

Fuji: October 8th 

Pricing: TBD for 2022 season

Honeycrisp: $ peck (10# bag) and $ 1/2 Bushel (20# bag)

All other varieties: $ peck (10# bag) and $ 1/2 Bushel (20# bag)

* Farmyard admission is NOT required to do U-Pick only.

* Minimum purchase to enter the orchard is a peck bag per 5 persons. 


Apple Menu

Zestar: Sweet, tart & crisp! Great for eating out of hand and good for baking and sauce. Ripen mid August

Gala: sweet apple great for eating out of hand. Ripen Late August


Golden Supreme: sweet & Juicy; great for eating out of hand, pies & sauce. A good keeper if stored properly.

Ripen Late August

Honeycrisp: Our #1 selling apple! Sweet, crisp & juicy. Excellent for eating out of hand, good for pies and sauce.  Ripen Early September

Jonamac: The Jonamac apple is a cross between a Jonathan and McIntosh. The eating quality combines the rich flavor of McIntosh with some of the spiciness of Jonathan. The texture or crispness tends to be similar to McIntosh but harder. Excellent for cooking, sauce or eating out of hand. Ripen Early-mid September

Macoun: Sweet, very juicy, good for sauce and salads, excellent for eating. Ripen mid September


Jonagold: A cross between the Golden Delicious & Jonathan. Juicy with a sweet & sour taste. Very good for eating fresh, pie & salads; Good for sauce. Ripen Late September



Smoothee Golden Delicious Apple: Same characteristics as the Golden Delicious with a smoother skin texture. Mild, sweet, crisp and juicy. Excellent for eating fresh, baking in pies & using in salads, making apple sauce or apple butter. Ripen Early October

Red Delicious: One of the most famous American apples taste sweet but very mild and has a light crispness. Ripen Mid-early October 


Royal Empire: sweet and crisp, excellent for salads and baking. Ripen early October




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U-Pick apples begin in August 

see Apples tab for picking times.

Fall Seasonal Hours: 

Saturdays & Sundays

Sept. 10th  - October 30th

11 A.M. -6 P.M.

(We will close at 4 PM on 10/30) 

*Hours of operation are weather permitting. If you expect an inclement in weather please visit us on Facebook or call 614-873-0510 before visiting.

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